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11/8/2019: White- bellied pangolin


Another day, another pangolin rescued!

5/8/2019 Humphrey the Tree Hyrax


Humphrey was rescued from the bushmeat trade as a baby by an expatriate living in Liberia. She handreared him and he is now fully grown.

She knew that her house was not the best place for a Tree Hyrax, so when she found out about the sanctuary, she handed him over.

The Western Tree Hyrax is a nocturnal mammal, and they are on a vegetarian diet. ️Fun fact: Did you know that they are distantly related to elephants and sea cows? 

7/8/2019 Sooty Mangabey



Off the rope! This young Sooty Mangabey male was kept as a pet on a short rope, just like many others here in Liberia. He is now slowly settling in at the sanctuary.

All monkeys are intelligent and very social, and need their family group growing up for their mental and physical wellbeing. They get cared for by their mothers, play around with family members and learn everything they need to learn about life in the forest.

Yet, he was ripped away from his family, his mother most likely killed for bushmeat and he was taken out of the forest to be kept on a rope in some village. He must have been terrified all this time!

Luckily, most of our monkeys are part of a release program. This will take many years, but the future still looks brighter than it was!

20/7/2019: Black-Bellied Pangolin


 This male Black-bellied pangolin came in tonight. Sold in a market in the capital Monrovia. He is too frightened to drink, and fell asleep in his box. 

16/7/2019: White-Bellied Pangolin


 This young male pangolin just came in, more dead than alive. We've put him on a hot water bottle, gave him some medication and put him on a drip. His tongue is out, which is always a bad sign. But is was blue at first and now turned pink. Breathing stabilised. 

13/7/2019: White-Bellied pangolin


 So this adult male pangolin just came in. He has a snare wound around the head and some cuts and bruises on the body and feet. He is just one of so many victims of the illegal bushmeat trade in Liberia. 

8/7/2019: dove


 This little dove is the latest addition to the nursery. It fell out of the nest and was about to become a children's toy, until someone stepped in and brought the little bird to us.  

5/7/2019: Pied Crow


 This Pied Crow came in with both legs paralysed. This was most likely caused by a rope that was tied around the legs in an attempt to sell the bird.

He is receiving treatment but prognosis is poor... 

5/7/2019: White-Bellied Pangolin


 Meet our latest rescue from the illegal wildlife trade: a pangolin pup weighing only 400g and her left eye is completely infected. She is receiving treatment, has a great appetite and is gaining strength. 

4/7/2019: a Bushbuck calf


 Latest arrival: yet another Bushbuck calf...

30/6/2019: 3 West-African crocodiles


 This week was a great week for reptile rescue!

No less than 14 reptiles were rescued from the illegal trade: 10 dwarf crocodiles, 1 softshell turtle and yesterday, 3 young West-African crocodiles came in!

The good news is, they won't stay at the sanctuary for long. We are planning a release very soon!  

28/6/2019: African Softshell Turtle


 This is an African Softshell Turtle. He was confiscated today and was kept in someone's house in a nearby community.

They are called "softshell" because their carapaces lack horny scales. The carapace feels leathery and is pliable on the sides.
They are strict carnivores, with diets consisting mainly of fish, aquatic crustaceans, snails, amphibians,and sometimes birds and small mammals. 

26/6/2019: 8 Dwarf Crocodiles


 Today, no less than 8 Dwarf Crocodile hatchlings came in. They have just hatched and are very tiny.

Yesterday, another 2 hatchlings came in.

All taken from the wild in an attempt to sell... Dwarf crocodiles are endangered and are protected by law. The good news is that soon, they will all go back to the wild!  

15/6/2019: 2 Lizard Buzzards


These 2 Lizard Buzzards were being sold in the streets of Monrovia. They are now settling in at the sanctuary.

Although they are healthy, they are not able to fly (yet). Because the cage they were in was too small, they never had the chance to train their flight muscles.

But like any training, they need to practice every day. Soon, they will become strong again and if all goes well, they can be released soon! 

12/6/2019: injured owl


This is the sad reality we deal with every day... This owl had a small rock thrown at him by a man using a slingshot because the owl "made too much noise". As a result, his eye completely popped and the skull and eyesocket are broken.

As if that was not enough, the man decided to sell the injured bird and was dragging him on a rope across the road!!

Luckily, one of the staff saw this and convinced the man to hand it over.

Shortly after arriving at the sanctuary, the owl unfortunately passed away...

2/6/2019: Black - backed duiker calf

Black- backed duiker

Another victim of the illegal busmeat trade in Liberia... This is a Black Duiker calf. She is now settling in at the sanctuary.

18/5 Lizard Buzzard

Rescued Lizard buzzard


A young man witnessed a Lizard Buzzard being sold on the streets. He was able to convince them to hand the bird over to him. After some research on Facebook, he found our sanctuary. Although it was already late in the evening, he didn't hesitate to contact us and organise his transportation all the way to the sanctuary so the bird would be safe.

On this picture, you can see the bird up for sale and tied by a rope around the legs. Due to the time of arrival in the evening, the buzzard was kept in the quarantine overnight, but moved to a large outside enclosure today.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of this young man, this bird is safe!

13/5 Sooty Mangabey

Rescued Sooty Mangabey and Western Chimpanzee

 This baby Sooty Mangabey and baby chimpanzee were rescued today.

Both their families have been killed by poachers so they could take the babies and sell them.

Both babies are traumatized by the experience but are settling down: the orphaned chimp was taken to LCRP , the orphaned Sooty joined our already large group op 21 monkeys and is doing fine. 

2/5 Baby Sooty Mangabey

Rescued Sooty Mangabey

This young Sooty Mangabey came in today. He was confiscated in Sapo National Park by FDA.
He had a rope around his tiny waist when he came in.

He is now getting to know the other Sooty's at the sanctuary and should settle down soon. 

3/5 2 genet kittens

Rescued genet kittens

 Yesterday, 2 Bourlon's Genet kittens came in. Their mother was killed and they were up for sale.

They were absolutely exhausted and after offering some milk, they fell right asleep. Today, both of them are more relaxed and are feeding well. Fingers crossed!

23/4 Common Kusimanse

Young common kusimanse

This is a young Kusimanse, a species of Mongoose. She was found being sold in Bong County. She is still very young, but is weaned already. Now she just has to become a little bigger so she will be released in a few weeks!

7/4 Juvenile Dwarf Crocodile

Juvenile Dwarf Crocodile

Thank you to Fauna and Flora International for bringing us this juvenile Dwarf Crocodile!