We need your skills!

At a wildlife sanctuary, there's always something to do: from feeding the animals, cleaning the enclosures or providing enrichment, to more specialised skills like building or repairing enclosures, treating sick or injured animals or fundraising, we can always use a helping hand!

Vets needed!

As a new sanctuary (started in 2017), we can not yet afford a full-time vet. But when rescuing a great variety of wild animals, a vet is needed on site at all times.

Are you a graduated vet? Want to get hands-on experience with wild animals? Want to make a difference for Liberian wildlife?

Then you're the one we need!

Fees are:

4  weeks volunteer

Administrative  cost (VISA, paperworks, airport pick-up and return) US$300.00

Accommodation  and food for (1 month) (Libassa Restaurant, excluding alcohols) US$500.00    

Total US$800.00

This  does not include vaccines, airline ticket.

Please send your cv and a motivation letter to liwisa@hotmail.com and hopefully we'll see you soon!

Not just animal jobs!

Can you paint murals? You've got mad carpenting skills? You are an amazing photographer? Are you blessed with any other talents that you think might be usefull for the sanctuary? Please let us know and who knows if we have a volunteer opportunity for you!

Voluntary vet Katie explains:

"What an amazing trip in a beautiful country filled with beautiful, strong people who welcomed me with open arms. It was a trip filled with personal growth as I did surgeries and even Critical Care on species I have never seen before and learned to be creative performing veterinary medicine in the field. It was eye-opening being on the front lines of conservation and observing all the challenges facing the country. I highly recommend everyone visit the Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary if you get the chance. Can't wait to go back! " 

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